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Ivy Lo
Founder & Chief Makeup Artist

Be a girl with a mind,

a woman with an attitude,

and a lady with class.

Ivy Lo has been a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist based in Hong Kong since 2014. Specialising in creating elegant, chic and classy styles, she believes that make up and hair styling are so important in bringing out the inner grace of a person. Having an eye on perfection and beauty, she is always able to create natural, fashionable and stylish looks.


Her academic experiences in Psychology and Counselling have sculpted her into a calm and considerate person, who is easy to work with. She shows great patience and respect to her clients and co-workers. She values the importance of communications and the understanding of clients’ needs.


With her fluent use of Cantonese, English and Mandarin, Ivy has developed valuable relationships with clients from different countries around the globe. She also welcomes any collaborators in different cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas and get inspirations.

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